Windows 7 overtakes XP, OS X passes Vista

Windows 7 has finally overtaken Windows XP as the world’s most widely used operating system, according to market research firm Net Applications. Market share for the decade-old XP steadily declined from 61.91% in September 2010 to 42.52% in August 2012. Windows 7 has gone from just 17.64% to 42.76% over the same period, barely overtaking XP by a fraction of a point.

Over the same two years, Windows Vista’s market share has more than halved from 13.75% to 6.15%. Apple’s combined share of the operating system market — counting versions 10.4 and after of OS X — is now at 7.13%, outpacing the ill-fated Vista for the first time, although individually the two most recent releases, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and OSX 10.7 Lion, hold a tiny 1.41% and 2.45% market share respectively.

It took three years for Windows 7 to become the world’s most popular OS. Microsoft’s desktop operating system, which was launched in October 2009, will soon be replaced by a newer version — Windows 8. All in all Microsoft controls 91.77% of the market, OS X 7.13%, and Linux sits at just 1.1%.



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