What is Solid State Drive (SSD)?

When we buy a computer, hardisk is one important component that we should take care of. Standard hardisk is hardisk drive which use spinning disks that rotate like record to find sector containing that document, MP3, avi and Windows file. The spinning disks speed is measured as RPM, faster the disks spin, better performance we get.

But HDD may reach the limit. It cannot meet the requirements for computer which need fast boot, save longer battery life (for laptop) and fast searching files. The rising of flash drive gives the idea of SSD. SSD use flash drive, enabling data to be called in seconds which makes your computer feel faster and without noisy spinning parts, boost battery life and durable. So, here several summary info about SSD over HDD and video from Intel.


  • SDD contains no moving components while HDD contains moving components.
  • SSD 1.5 times as fast as an HDD. The SSD’s performance is more than twice as high as the HDD.
  • SSD resistants to impact and vibration because SSD do not contain moving parts like HDD. This makes SSD ideal for mobile devices that require impact resistance.
  • SSD power consumption is approximately 20% lower than that of HDD.
  • SSD high reliability because SSD consists of semiconductor memory and the latest technologies, their MTBF (mean time between failures) is approximately twice as long as that of HDD, which doubles their reliability.
  • SSD is quiet during operation. This is due to HDD contains moving part which causes operation sounds when powered on.

Now, a laptop such as ultrabook, tablets and smartphone offered SSD in their products because SSD more reliable to implement for mobile technology. SSD still pricey compared to HDD. But if you like to improve system performance, reduce noise and weight, increase battery life, SSD is the best upgrade.

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