What does a car looks like when Lamborghini, Ferrari and Camaro merge into one

The 2012 Beijing Automotive Exhibition held last week. Among all the cars, one has a Lamborghini-like head, a Ferrari-like tail and Camaro from side view. It dubbed S-11, made by a Chinese automaker JAC Motors.

JAC S-11 has a 1580mm front wheel track and a 1600mm rear wheel track, has 135mm minimum ground clearance. It packs a gasoline 4-cylinder automobile engine with engine displacement up to 2.4 L, which giving 121 kW of horsepower at 6000 rpm as well as maximum speed of 205 Km/h. The manufacturer priced this hybrid at 150,000 yuan ($24194), which is inexpensive in comparison to other racing cars.


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