Ultrabooks-amazingly slim dan powerful

Apple’s Macbooks might be ridiculously priced but they have aura on their way. For example, Macbook Air is designed for portability and powerful. Suddenly, this laptop has attracted another tech giant company such as Samsung, Acer and Asus to compete in this category. This type of laptop was categorized as ultrabook.

Last year, Intel came up with its Ultrabook standards. Ultrabook, a laptop must be thin and light less than 20mm thick and under 1.4kg in weight. This laptop also remove DVD drives and using Intel’s low voltage Sandy Bridge processor. Ultrabook also use Solid State Drive (SSD) as storage which consumes less power,high speed transfer rate,thinner but smaller size data store compared to hardisk drive (HDD). Most of ultrabooks not suitable for playing high performance games and editing media software.

At CES 2012, PC vendor started catching up to the Macbook Air and this year the industry showed it’s ready to take on champ by pushing Intel’s Ultrabook. Tech giant were showing off ultra-thin, ultra-light laptops and they came in a variety of form factor and screen sizes. Later, price of these laptops will more cheaper.

At the event, few features and characteristic of tablets will be added on ultrabooks as the user want the functionality of tablets such as touch screen. The upcoming Windows 8 also able to supports both touch screen computers and tablets. Intel’s third generation Ivy Bridge processors are expected to launch in Ultrabook in middle of this year.

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