UK judge rules Apple must publicly admit Samsung did not copy iPad design

Bloomberg reports that UK Judge Colin Birss has ordered Apple to post notice on the Apple UK website stating that Samsung did not copy the iPad’s design. This comes on the heels of the ruling from the British High Court stating that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, 7.7 and 8.9 are sufficiently different from Apple’s design, and that all of them are strongly based on prior art. Apple must leave notice on their UK website for six months informing consumers of the ruling.

Apple’s counsel of course pushed back against the ruling, citing that in essence they would be forced to advertise for their competition, telling the court “No company likes to refer to a rival on its website.” Of course, no company wants to spend millions to defend their products from invalid lawsuits, either.

The judge who issued the punishment is also the same person responsible for saying that the Galaxy Tab roster was “not as cool” as Apple’s tablet offering, so there is a slim-to-none chance of consumer confusion when distinguishing the two devices.


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