The first Luxury Cruise Ship Made in China

It is known as ‘China Star’. The world’s only six-star, twin-hull cruise ship has 12 deck, 131 meter long, 295-ton vessel can accomodate nearly 400 people including 200 passengers and 200 crews. The vessel has 172 cabins equipped with balconies, hot water heaters and hair dryers.

According to China’s newpaper, Global Times, China Star is the only mainland-owned cruise ship. China Cruises Company Limited(CCCL) bought the 20-years old Findland-built ship from Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho last year 2011 for USD45 million and another USD20 million refurbishing the ship.

”The development of cruise tour in mainland China has seen an ‘explosive growth’ in the last two years,” explained Huang. “I’m pretty sure it will be the world’s biggest market for cruise tour shortly.”

A lot of facilities such as entertainment facilities include a theater, a karaoke room, a game center, an indoor wine and cigar bar, an open-air bar, a library, two Chinese spas including a foot massage parlor and duty-free shops. Most of China Star’s voyages are set to last four to five days.


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