The dangers of free Wi-Fi and how to stay safe

When you access free Wi-Fi in coffee shop such as Starbuck or kedai mamak or public place like airport, are you care about the security? I’m not say about security of your gadget or notebook or tablet, but the internet security. We have to see this kind of dangers because maybe hackers or criminals trying to get your personal information while you are working on the notebook in free Wi-Fi.

One of the method hackers use to steal your information is SNIFFING. This involves a malicious actor using readily available software to intercept data being sent from, or to, your device. The other method is SIDEJACKING and EVIL TWIN or HONEYPOT. So, here I got good infographic how they steal your personal data in open network Wi-Fi and how to stay safe. Check it out after the jump.


Source: bitrebel

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