Comic: New iPad too hot

Consumer report said new iPad is too hot compared to iPad 2. See what iPad feel when he heard the controversy.


7 questions about the new iPad

The new iPad, launched amid the usual hype in early March, has amazing screen and great camera. Here we tells you everything you need to know about it.

What’s new in this version?
The new iPad now uses the Retina display which you may seen in the iPhone 4S, boasting an incredible 3.1 million pixels (2048×1536), four times as many as the iPad 2. The sharper resolution making video and photos look truly amazing.

The rear has been significantly improved. It uses 5 megapixel camera compared to iPad 2′s 1-megapixel camera and also records HD video in full 1080p.

There’s also a fast new processor, the A5X chip, which uses quad-core graphics. [Read more...]

CNET : 5 reasons not to buy the new iPad

Maybe you are excited when new iPad launched last few weeks. You are willing to camp 24 hours before outside the Apple store just to become earlier buyer of the new iPad. Think about it again. You may have a lot reasons why you should buy iPad. But as consumer, you should ask yourself, should I buy the new iPad? Should I grab iPad 2 or the new iPad? Here I find for you 5 top reasons not to buy the new iPad. Check it out this video from CNET.

New screen iPad lowering battery life and overheating?

The Retina screen on iPad is the highest-resolution screen ever on a tablet or notebook – but experts worry that Apple might have bitten off more than its engineers can chew. Users are complaining at Apple forums that the device not only overheats, but also has shorter battery life and painful long charging times. DisplayMate, a video diagnostics specialist says that the Retina screen specifically the LED backlight that lights it up draws nearly three times the powers of its predecessor. [Read more...]