Robot ochobot become reality

Do you watch cartoon Boboiboy? One of the character is Ochobot, the robot that give power to Boboiboy and friends. Ochobot is sphere robot like ball and can fly like insect. Now advanced technology make the robot one step closer to reality. But this robot cannot fly, but it can move like spider and roll. This is really cool!

The robot called as MorpHex, was created by Kåre Halvorsen with six retractable, expanding legs that let it dance when it’s not rolling. Last time in December (the post already gone), the robot couldn’t roll. In addition, the MorpHex can also pull its legs in to turn into a sphere, and the individual sections of the robot can then be used to push it in a given direction.

The rolling isn’t perfect, and Halvorsen says it’s because right now the sphere is asymmetrical, as the upper and lower halves aren’t identical. The next iteration will include a symmetrical design that should allow the MorpHex to roll easily in any direction.


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