How to Promote Your App in App Store

It’s getting harder and harder for developer to make the application visible and force the user to choose from 700,000 titles available. Here are 5 basic App Store promotion tips that can help your app get a piece of popularity and put money in your pocket. Growing at an incredible content pace App Store creates the illusion of fathomlessness and infinity. Here, where the average user runs the competition to find interesting a useful program, the developer is waiting for the challenge of another kind.

Only the application that has attracted Apple workers is able to get on the first page of the App Store in the recommendations section. Former Apple engineer Matt Drens advises how to stand out in a continuous stream of new products coming.

He outlined five key points which performance can give a good result.

1. Attract attention
Make thematic resources to write about you and your application. If you really get a decent product, the more positive reviews about it could be found online – the better. The Apple employees are very similar to fans Apple. They also often read websites. And do not waste your time on finances and PR – in general it’s good, but excessive and clearly expressed purchased content only makes professionals scare.

2. A clear implementation
Apple’s obsession with details and simplicity is too familiar. So, no matter what the application does, if it does it unaesthetic, rude and ill-conceived. Everything must be perfect: the idea and the implementation.

3. Shoot video
Dead screenshots show a schematic job applications, and live video – the action itself. Well shot movie should display primarily the work of the program and not try to cheer users. Many developers stopped to prepare high-quality video demos, on which even a very good program goes unnoticed by Apple.

4. Use the new features gadgets and firmware
Apple adds new features with each iOS update. Try to be one of the first to apply them in the program. Some time after the release of one of the main novelties of the filtering criteria is precisely the use of new features. Do not lose the opportunity to break into the top.

5. Attend the event
Go nuts on the operating chair and lift your head above the keyboard. Come out to the people, talk with the developers “live” at events such as WWDC. Show off your application to each interested specialists, a great many of which accumulate at such gatherings. Who knows, maybe there will punch your finest hour.

Each developer is free to choose their own way to move the App Store, but  to use the advice of seasoned (albeit former) engineer Apple is not too difficult.


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