How to buy a laptop

Laptops now become popular than PCs and continue to be the computing device of choice. It is not only offer portability, but also same specs and price as PCs. Last time, laptop specs is slightly behind the PCs such as processor, RAM and hardisk.

The main factor laptops became popular now is due to the price, cheaper with good specs and popularity of Wi-Fi and 3G. It starts with Intel Centrino, wireless chip embedded in the processor. Now there’s a wide variety of sizes, features and prices, which makes choosing the right laptops a challenge.

Set your budget
It is important to know how much your budget before start looking for a laptop. Here I categorize 3 set of budget, below RM2000, below RM 3000 and above RM 3000. Normally, range below RM2000 is just so-so laptop, suitable for basic system and programs. [Read more...]

How to find best laptop to suit your needs

Laptops, tablets and smartphones come in a host of shapes and sizes which suit for different users and requirements. This might be confuse the buyers especially who has lack knowledge about the stuff. Here we summed up type of laptops and explained what the laptops designed for and how much it will set you back, so that you can choose the laptop without regret it after buy.


Netbooks are small in size, around 10-11 inch screen, low cost, light and power and designed for people who want to get email and access the web on the move. Netbooks not suitable as a main PC because it come with an Intel Atom processor which isn’t capable of multi-tasking programs and quite slow running a program. They not offer so much big storage and come with stripped-down version of Windows. It suitable as a second PC. [Read more...]

6 technical specs for a laptop that users need to know

Buying laptop might be a problem for few people. Some people don’t know how to compare which laptop is better and worth to buy. They always rely on salesman’s advise. But what happen if salesman turn to evil and gives wrong advise? Actually, buying a laptop is almost same like buying car. What we need to know is a few technical specs and these will help us get our money’s worth. Here we go. [Read more...]

Laptop Inspiron 14R (N4110)-worth to buy it

Last Saturday, I went to Lowyat to find new laptop. First, before I buy a computer, I set my budget. My budget this time was around RM2000 plus minus. Second, I aimed what technical specs I want. Normally, I was assume that I going to use this laptop around next 2 or 3 years without need any upgrade. So, I searched in internet any laptop specs and made comparison.

Third is brand. What brand that users normally use? How to choose a brand? The answer is customer service, spare part and how many people use it. I reject Mac laptop because it over my budget already. Other than that, I want laptop without OS. This method also can save your budget around RM150. [Read more...]