How to download video from Tonton website

Last time, we watch video TV3, TV9 and all media prima from their respective website. We can easily download video from their website. Now they combine all the TV channel into one site call Tonton. However,  we unable to cache their video using any download manger. The tool is able to browse and download video clips from video hosting websites of HTTP, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPTE protocol, and these cover overwhelming majority of websites such as Hulu, Veoh, Boxee, Joost, YouTube, Yahoo Video, CBS. We can use stream transport to stream the video from Tonton. Use this link to download the software. Here step by step to download.

Step 1: Type link website. Then login into the website.

Step 2: Click any interested video.

Step 3: The link of video will automatically show after you click the video.

Step 4: Select link video then click Download button.

Step 5: This windows will pop up once you click Download.