Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion in 30 Trucks full of 5 Cent Coins is a Hoax

Today the Internet is abound with the news of Samsung sending 30 trucks loaded with coins of 5 cents to the Apple’s headquarters in California. The news is a hoax.

According to the news which was published in PaperBlog, supposedly, “Samsung tried to pay Apple its $1bn fine by sending more than 30 trucks to Apple’s headquarters loaded with 5-cent coins. Apple security was stunned. Apple chief executive Tim Cook, then got a call from Samsung who told him this was how they were paying the billion-dollar fine.” According to the report, the idea originated from a meme of the popular website

It is to be noted that the jury did not specify a single payment method, and, so Samsung is entitled to send money in any form as they deem best, to the Mac producers.

Samsung Galaxy S III Gets 9 Million Preorders on 100 Carriers

Korea Economic Daily has a piece reporting on the huge success that the Galaxy S III is, ahead of its debut in stores. Apparently, the device has already received 9 million pre-orders from 100 carriers all over the world. The info comes from a Samsung official who remained anonymous.

The figure is very impressive, especially if you consider that the Galaxy S II took 10 months to ship 20 million units, while the new Galaxy S took a mere 2 weeks to reach almost half of that number. Also, the preorders are better than shipments, since they’re almost as good as sales. It looks like Samsung has hit gold once again with this model and Apple really has something to fear this time, or better said HTC and LG do, since Apple’s preorders for the iPhone 4S were much bigger and I’m sure the iPhone 5 will break records. [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S III specs revealed

Rumors: Next month, February there are rumors that Samsung Galaxy S III (not Galaxy S II) will be announced in Barcelona where annual Mobile World Congress(WMC) will be held. WMC is the place where all Mobile Imaging manufacturers will display their new innovations to the industry and consumers. Previous Samsung Galaxy S II known as killer iPhone.

Before the show begins, a few specs of Samsung Galaxy S III has been revealed by a spy like James Bond. Hehehe. First of all is Galaxy S III will run latest Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, combined with the TouchWiz 5.0 user interface. It is expected using Android 4 for this year since last year Galaxy Nexus already launched using this OS version. [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Players saingi Apple iPod Touch

Tidak lama lagi dalam bulan Oktober,Samsung akan keluarkan player ala-ala iPod touch iaitu Galaxy Players di US.Terdapat dua versi,Galaxy Player 4.0 dengan skrin sebesar 4 inci,manakala Galaxy Player 5.0 dengan skrin sebesar 5.0.

Kedua-duanya ada WiFi,tiada 3G dan mempunyai kamera 3.2 MP,VGA kamera di hadapan serta menggunakan OS Google Androids Gingerbread.Ia juga mempunyai SD-card slot untuk memori kad.Macam mana rekabentuknya?Mungkin lebih kurang Galaxy SII tanpa speaker telefon kot.

Tapi tak tau players begini relevan atau tak.Sebab sekarang orang lebih suka ada telefon berbanding semata-mata players muzik,video dan games.Tapi kalau nak beri hadiah kat anak OK kot.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Selepas Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, kini Samsung cergas memperkenalkan tablet terbaru mereka bersaiz 7.7 inci pula di IFA 2011 Berlin. Tapi versi 7.7 menggunakan skrin paparan AMOLED iaitu teknologi skrin paling cerah setakat ni dan menggunakan processor 1.4 GHz. Ia dilengkapi dengan kamera belakang 3MP dan depan 2MP dan baterinya boleh bertahan selama 10 jam jika dimainkan video tanpa henti. Galaxy Tab 7.7 menggunakan OS Android Honeycomb 3.2. [Read more...]