Rumor: iPad mini is manufactured by Foxconn Brazil?

A report in Japanese blog Macotakara claims that Apple is getting ready to manufacture the “iPad mini”. However, there’s a twist to the tale.

The blog claims to have learnt from a “reliable Chinese source” that the iPad mini will be produced at the Foxconn’s newly opened facilities in Brazil, instead of the usual plant in China.

Here’s a quote from from the blog (excuse the English):

According to Chinese reliable source, the tablet called iPad mini will be produced in Brazil, however production test to collect data for new cutting machine is already done in China.

Source said that, production phase of this tablet will be started since September, and this tablet should be shipped until holiday season, but announcement will not be so soon.

This source, who seems to look a prototype, told that new tablet (iPad mini?) had same hight with Nexus 7 and slight larger width. Even though front projection size is larger than rivals, thickness of that new tablet is considered to be thinner than current most thinnest tablet Kindle Fire, and to be similar with iPod touch (4th generation) by this source.

Not the feeling that made iPad small, the design of the feeling such as iPod nano (3rd generation) is adopted and seems to be considerably different visually.

The rumours of a smaller iPad have been gathering momentum of late, with Wall Street Journal reporting that Apple is preparing a launch a smaller iPad in the coming months. Analysts have thrown in their two-cents about the smaller iPad as well, predicting it would be a smash hit.

Apple would “do to the tablet market what Apple did to the MP3 market in 2004 with the expansion of the iPod product line – leave absolutely no space for competitors”, a blog post by Rene Ritchie said.


Rumor: iPhone 5 may featuring Quad-core CPU

Apple expected to launch next iPhone after iPhone 4S around September or October. The latest comes via Digitimes and relates to the CPU we can expect to find powering the newest iPhone.

Currently, latest smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X are using quad-core CPU. This trend may drive Apple into quad-core CPU competition. However, for America market, quad-core phones generally don’t mix with America’s LTE networks. For this reason, many manufacturers of quad-core devices have swapped in a dual-core CPU for America market.

For example, Samsung’s Galaxy SIII, which uses a quad-core Exynos in international markets but a dual-core Snapdragon from Qualcomm in the U.S. Still not sure this rumor, it could be wrong.

Apple expected to launch small iPad 7-8 inch this autumn

(Robert Galbraith/Reuters)

Apple is preparing to launch a smaller version of iPad. It could be between 7 and 8 inches screen and cheaper than current version. Some of news dubbed it as iPad Mini.

If this production of smaller iPad is confirmed, it become rival to Amazon’s Kindle Fire (which will likely have a new model out this summer), new comer, Google’s Nexus 7 and others like Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Microsoft just launch it’s own tablet, Surface which has 10.6-inch screen. However, Microsoft not yet announced a price for the Surface.

Chinese technology news sites have reported that the smaller tablet would be priced at between $249 US and $299. The newest iPad currently on the market starts at $519.

The rumors said smaller iPad could be available in the autumn – in time for Christmas.