Cool Portal cake look like falling down in a portal

You know what is Portal? Portal here doesn’t mean web portal. It is puzzle games produced by Valve which need you to use your brain in order and unique way to solve part of the games. 

The game primarily comprises a series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the player’s character and simple objects using “the handheld portal device”, a device that can create inter-spatial portals between two flat planes.

The most identical in Portal games is blue portal and orange portal and its handheld portal device (to create portal).

This is a Portal cake that looks like it’s falling through a portal. It pretty cool with custom light-up cake plates. Thanks portal is not real.



What we can do if portals is real?

Portals is game-puzzled which use two portals endpoint to solve puzzles in order to escape from Aperture Labs. But if the portals is real, is it useful to us? Here several things can be done using portals. I like back scratching. Lols.


Lego die hard fan create Lego Portal

Lego has a million use based on user creativity and thousand fans. One of lego fan, Legohaulic, lego create two character from Portal game and they are really awesome. Portal is single player puzzled video game developed by Valve Corporation. There are two android characters, ATLAS and P-Body.

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Portal’s Aperture Laboratory Themed Room

Have you tried play Portal games? For those who has played Portal before, maybe can remember how the Aperture Laboratory look like. One guy turns his office room to Portal-themed room. A few things filled up the room such as hand-painted potrait of Cave Johnson, lemon grenades and Light Up Test Chamber Sign. Really cool and inspiring idea.

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Portal 2: Game menguji minda dan kemahiran berfikir

Dulu masa saya mula-mula masuk kerja, sementara habis training, saya dapat satu link website games yang betul-betul menguji minda. Game tu adalah web game dan hanya dalam bentuk 2D. Saya main sampai habis stages. Masa tu tak tau games apa ni.

Kini, games tu kembali dalam bentuk 3D. Namanya Portal 2. Memang sebijik sama la macam games saya main tu. Tapi untuk 3D ni, banyak tambahan yang dibuat untuk menjadikan games ni lebih kompleks dan mencabar minda. Setiap objek dalam games ni mempunyai sifat masing-masing. Kita akan menggunakan objek-objek ni untuk menyelesaikan masalah kita yang terperangkap dalam Aperture Laboratory.