Official Pinterest App now available on Android

Pinterest now ready to mark it’s footstep on Google Play. The app is designed for Android 2.2+ and weighs in at 4.6MB, Pinterest recently did away with the need for invites to join up to the service so you can now just sign up from within the app, or if you already have an account simply login.You can link your twitter or facebook account to find friends who are signed in with those networks already on Pinterest.


Pinterest Google Graveyard, where the failed Google products kept in memories

Google has a lot of products and services but not all are success. Just this week, Google has announced a few of its products will be close such as Google video, Google Mini, Google Talk Chatback and iGoogle.

In Google Graveyard, a lot of failed Google products are showed off in collection. Among the products, Google Wave is the coolest idea but the technology is too advance and different kind of communication. Futhermore, Google Wave still not open to public that time, so many people don’t know about the existing of Wave. [Read more...]