Which one is your choice Galaxy S II or Galaxy Note?

If somebody ask which one is better, Samsung Galaxy SII or Samsung Galaxy Note, maybe the person should ask himself how he going to use the smartphone. Both smartphone have almost same specs except  few things. Overall, Galaxy Note looks better than Galaxy S II because Galaxy Note coming later than Galaxy S II. Galaxy Note have big screen as big as 5.3″.

Few criteria person that can use the Galaxy Note.

1. Artistic – can use stylus pen
2. Big guy – taller and big pocket that fit enough for the smartphone
3. A guy who always carry handbag wherever he/she go. So, Galaxy Note will insert into the bag.
4. Have big face so that when pickup a call, Galaxy Note not look awkward to the person.
5. A person who like big screen to read email or surfing internet or reading ebook [Read more...]