8 Cool Origami Made With Dollar Bills

Honolulu, Hawaii based artist Won Park creates these incredible origami pieces using just a dollar bill. Usual origami sheets are square, but the dollar bills of course are rectangular and may not generally be considered as suitable for origami. Park worked around that, and infact used it to his advantage in creating these wonderful pieces without the use of glue, cuts or tape.


Paper architecture that will blow your mind

This paper art is created by Ingrid Siliakus. She was born in 1955, Armsterdam, The Netherlands. She is artist/paper architect. She fall in love with this art in early 1980′s when she saw works of Prof. Masahiro Chatani,architect and professor in Japan.

Prof Masahiro introduced origamic architecture when he began to experiment with designing original and unique greeting cards. He used techniques of origami (Japanese paper folding) and kirigami (Japanese papercutting), as well as his experience in architectural design, to create intricate patterns which played with light and shadow.

Back to Ingrid, before the paper was created and finished, she made 20 to 30 prototypes. The artist also need skills of architect to create a 2 dimensional design which need patience and precision of a surgeon. The paper weight that Ingrid uses for her creations varies from 160 to 300 gram.
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