8 Cool Origami Made With Dollar Bills

Honolulu, Hawaii based artist Won Park creates these incredible origami pieces using just a dollar bill. Usual origami sheets are square, but the dollar bills of course are rectangular and may not generally be considered as suitable for origami. Park worked around that, and infact used it to his advantage in creating these wonderful pieces without the use of glue, cuts or tape.


How to create starwars origami figure by Martin Hunt

It has been so long i’m not create post for cool information. The Verge showed me a origami website which has a lot of collectible Star Wars figures blueprint.

Martin Hunt, the website owner, was studying math and working as software engineer has design origami Star Wars vessel. Start with X-wing starship origami, he moved on to other ships and droids. He has 20 collection in his website. He is now seeking a publisher for a book. The design looks like complicated. Hmmm..