Comic: Hate iPhone rumors

A lot of rumors about the hottest gadget, iPhone. The rumors sometime give good business to the Apple before they launch their real product.


Where to read HongKong comic like Alam Perwira and so on

During my secondary school, HongKong comics were very popular that day. A few of my friends bought the comics as collection. I also have my own collections such as Dewata Raya while my brother have Juara Wira, Pedang Setiawan and few more. The copy of comics that day are not available nowaday. But we able to see it again on internet in digital. I really miss it when start reading it in here. So nostalgic. The quality of images also really good and readable. All the comics are in Malay language.

Comic: Tim Cook nightmare

Comic: Google Plus vs Facebook

Comic: Join and quit Facebook from parent’s view

Parents nowaday worry a lot things. Especially when their daughters or sons growing up and start expose to social networking. But when their child quit the social, parents still worry too.  This comic from showed what the parent are thinking when their child joined or quit social network . This joke makes sense too if the word “sleeping and partying” change with “dating and outing”. LOL.