How to buy a laptop

Laptops now become popular than PCs and continue to be the computing device of choice. It is not only offer portability, but also same specs and price as PCs. Last time, laptop specs is slightly behind the PCs such as processor, RAM and hardisk.

The main factor laptops became popular now is due to the price, cheaper with good specs and popularity of Wi-Fi and 3G. It starts with Intel Centrino, wireless chip embedded in the processor. Now there’s a wide variety of sizes, features and prices, which makes choosing the right laptops a challenge.

Set your budget
It is important to know how much your budget before start looking for a laptop. Here I categorize 3 set of budget, below RM2000, below RM 3000 and above RM 3000. Normally, range below RM2000 is just so-so laptop, suitable for basic system and programs. [Read more...]

12 kelebihan laptop berbanding tablet PC

Tablet semakin mendapat sambutan. Namun, kelebihan laptop masih sukar dinafikan. Di sini saya nak cerita kan apakah kelebihan laptop jika nak dibandingkan dengan tablet PC. Laptop atau notebook- kedua-duanya merujuk pada komputer riba.

Kini, laptop boleh didapati dengan pelbagai versi seperti netbook, gamers notebook, business dan yang terkini ialah ultrabook. Laptop mempunyai kelemahan iaitu sukar dibimbit ke mana-mana seperti tablet dan memerlukan beg galas, namun itu tidak menjadi masalah kerana di sini banyak kelebihan laptop yang boleh kita senaraikan. [Read more...]