Proview’s iPAD is an Apple’s iMac knockoff

Before Apple announce new iPad 3 on March 7, here I show you real version of iPad made in China. According to MIC Gadget, it was iMac knockoff. But after compared to iMac side by side, it not same. iMac covered by transparent plastic while iPAD Proview just like normal monitor. The design also not same at all. Maybe iMac was inspiring iPAD that time to build all-in-one computer.

Proview started to design their iPAD (Internet Personal Access Device) in 1998, the year when Apple announced the iMac G3.iPAD Proview have CRT Monitor 15 inch with resolution 800×600, 256Mhz processor and comes along with a 32MB DRAM, 16GB DOM flash card, two USB ports, two RJ-11 jacks, a headphone, microphone and Ethernet jacks, two PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports and parallel port for printer. [Read more...]

Retro style iPad dock

The iStation is a dock for the iPad or iPad2 that is made inspired by the original Apple I and Apple II computer designs. The dock looks so cool and makes any iPad a workable desktop with a retro style. The iStation have built-in speaker system, and the keyboard has an on/off function if you aren’t planning to use it. The wireless keyboard connect to iPad using bluetooth and functions with all of Apple’s short cut functions, and can be removed from the iStation base. The iStation is available in two colours – classic matte Apple white, or retro wood grain. More picture after the break. [Read more...]

5 creative use of iPad and iPhone

Attach on car dashboard.

Act like monitor screen


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This is how China iPad looks like

This picture reminded me 11 years ago (end of 2000-early 2001). That time, I was studying at UTM Semarak.  I got pamphlet from PC Fair which showed this picture and was told that computers are going to sell in this country. I felt this computer was cool because it looks like iMac (all in one computer). That time, I sticked all computer’s pamphlets from PC Fair on my room dashboard as I was crazy about computers.

I still remember this picture also stick on the dashboard. Now, the picture tell another story. It tell that their brand can sue multimillion company, Apple Inc. The iPAD version China is stand for Internet Personal Access Device. The trademark was registered at 2001 and Apple lost a court case in China regarding the use of that name. Bad time for Apple in China.

iPad 2 di pasaran Malaysia

Hari ni saya tengok laman web apple malaysia, sudah terang lagi bersuluh iPad 2 berada di pasaran Malaysia. Harga bermula dengan RM1499, sudah tentu ada yang dapatkannya awal-awal lagi. iPad 2 lebih pantas daripada sebelumnya, mempunyai kamera depan belakang, lebih nipis dan ringan, jangka hayat bateri lebih lama dan grafik berkelajuan tinggi. Saiz skrin masih sama seperti dahulu.

Kali ni apple menyediakan accessori tambahan iaitu smart cover. Tapi ni kena beli secara berasingan. iPad 2 juga telah menyediakan 18 built-in aplikasi. iPad 2 ada dua warna iaitu hitam dan putih. Jika beli secara online di laman web apple malaysia, penghantaran selama 1 hingga 2 minggu.

Bagi iPad+Wifi sahaja harga bagi 16GB ialah  RM 1,499.00, 32 GB ialah RM 1,799.00, 64 GB ialah RM 2,099.00. Bagi iPad+Wifi+3G, harga bagi 16 GB ialah  RM 1,899.00, 32 GB ialah RM 2,199.00, 64 GB ialah RM 2,499.00.

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