LG Electronics demonstrated iPad 11 years ago at CeBIT

Apparently iPad was first introduced by South Korean hardware manufacturer LG Electronics at the CeBIT computer fair in Hanover, Germany 9 years ago. I am surprised reading this article. LG Electronics demonstrated for the first time a Linux-based Web pad called The Digital iPAD.The iPad is powered by a 206Mhz Intel SA-1110 system-on-chip processor and an in-built 64 SDRAM module. It offers some expandability with a slot for Flash memory cards and PCMCIA cards. Read more here.

Also the name iPhone and iOS was licensed from cisco.

1. Apple stole the iPad trademark from LG http://goo.gl/df8Mg
2. Apple stole the name iOS from Cisco https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cisco_IOS
3. Apple stole the name iPhone from Cisco http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linksys_iPhone



iPad prototype from early 2000s revealed in Jonathan Ive deposition

After the iPad launched, Steve Jobs eventually revealed that Apple actually started development on what would become the iPad prior to its work on the iPhone — but we’re now getting some details on just how long it was in development. Network World recently got its hands on portions of a deposition Apple designer Jonathan Ive gave at Samsung’s request this past December, and he revealed that Apple was working on tablet prototypes “sometime between 2002 and 2004.” What’s more, the documents contained some grainy but revealing photos of a tablet computer prototype known as the “035 mockup or prototype” which Jonathan Ive dates to that same early-2000′s period. [Read more...]

How An iPad Gets Build in Foxconn, China

Marketplace Shanghai Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz is only the second reporter ever to gain access to visit the factory floor at Apple’s Chinese producer Foxconn.The most interesting part of this inside look is the manufacturing process itself and how the iPad is made. They test the iPad as goes through each stage of production, with machines spinning it to test the gyroscope. Amazing stuff.

Schmitz likens Foxconn to a “small city” with a main drag lined with fast-food restaurants, banks, cafes, a gym, two swimming pools and large soccer stadium. The manufacturing giant also has their own TV and radio stations. Check out Schmitz’s video (above). What do you think of his findings so far?

Retro style iPad dock

The iStation is a dock for the iPad or iPad2 that is made inspired by the original Apple I and Apple II computer designs. The dock looks so cool and makes any iPad a workable desktop with a retro style. The iStation have built-in speaker system, and the keyboard has an on/off function if you aren’t planning to use it. The wireless keyboard connect to iPad using bluetooth and functions with all of Apple’s short cut functions, and can be removed from the iStation base. The iStation is available in two colours – classic matte Apple white, or retro wood grain. More picture after the break. [Read more...]

5 creative use of iPad and iPhone

Attach on car dashboard.

Act like monitor screen


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