Microsoft Surface vs Apple’s iPad: Which one worth to buy?

Microsoft Surface tablet launched last week and get a lot of reviews. The best things about surface is the interface is really fresh, elegant and versatile. But when we compared with Apple’s iPad, which Surface has same price with, which one is worth to buy? Surface or iPad? [Read more...]

7 questions about the new iPad

The new iPad, launched amid the usual hype in early March, has amazing screen and great camera. Here we tells you everything you need to know about it.

What’s new in this version?
The new iPad now uses the Retina display which you may seen in the iPhone 4S, boasting an incredible 3.1 million pixels (2048×1536), four times as many as the iPad 2. The sharper resolution making video and photos look truly amazing.

The rear has been significantly improved. It uses 5 megapixel camera compared to iPad 2′s 1-megapixel camera and also records HD video in full 1080p.

There’s also a fast new processor, the A5X chip, which uses quad-core graphics. [Read more...]

Apple fans are willing to be stupid to line up and camp out just to get the iPad

UK (credit Getty Images)

Just want to share the stupid Apple’s fans pictures who battled plummeting temperatures and hours of waiting in line outside Apple’s flagship store around the world (across the United States and the nine other countries)  just to get the new iPad. They were willing to camp outside the store just to become earlier buyer of the iPad. It is not limited edition. You can have it all the time. Actually we don’t have to line up, you can buy it online. But ‘The Apple lines have become a cultural phenomenon,’ social psychologist Matt Wallaert said. ‘You couldn’t advertise your way into the images of adoring fans that led to Beatlemania. Apple has achieved exactly that.’, according to source DailyMail.

Sydney (credit Getty Images)

Germany (credit AP)

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Differences between iPad 2 and new iPad

Do you know why Apple called new tablet iPad as resolutionary? Because the big difference between iPad 2 and new iPad is resolution. It’s really sharp and four times more pixels than iPad 2. Apple apply Retina display (name of display technology by Apple) after iPhone 4S got it last year.

New chip A5X embedded to make sure user can experience smoothness and responsive of new iPad. Even though using A5X Quad Core, Apple claimed iPad still can life with battery 10 hours. [Read more...]