Comic: New iPad too hot

Consumer report said new iPad is too hot compared to iPad 2. See what iPad feel when he heard the controversy.


How much new iPad a.k.a iPad 3 in Malaysia

Today, new iPad, the iPad 2012 arrived in Malaysia. Apple Store Malaysia released starting price of iPad. It same as what we guess yesterday. Anyway, if you want something that coming with latest technology, this iPad is suitable for you. However, iPad 2 still worth to buy because it is thinner than new iPad and you still can play a lot of things inside. Here quick information for iPad 3 retail price.

iPad with Wi-Fi only
Color black and white both come with same price

16GB – RM 1,499.00
32GB – RM 1,799.00
64GB – RM 2,099.00

iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G

16GB – RM 1,899.00
32GB – RM 2,199.00
64GB – RM 2,499.00

iPad 2 price drop, new iPad coming to Malaysia

It is long wait for new iPad in Malaysia. Somebody willing to go to Singapore as the country is the one of earliest country receive this hot gadget. Apple has announced 20th April 2012 (tomorrow) as the official availability for Malaysia and other 11 countries including South Korea and Brunei.

The good news is iPad 2 with Wifi has drop it price to RM1,199 for 16GB, RM1,499 for 32GB, RM1,799 for 64GB. iPad 2 with Wifi and #G are 16GB-RM1,599, 32GB-RM1,899, 64GB-RM2,199. You can find out the price of iPad 2 when launching in Malaysia last year here. Find out new price in Apple store.

So, we guess the price of new iPad are same as iPad 2 last year, from the current RM1,499 starting price for the 16GB WiFi version. However, for the 4G + WiFi version, although it isn’t fully supported in Malaysia, we believe it will still make an entrance considering it supports 3G and HSPA+ speeds up to 42Mbps. [Read more...]

CNET : 5 reasons not to buy the new iPad

Maybe you are excited when new iPad launched last few weeks. You are willing to camp 24 hours before outside the Apple store just to become earlier buyer of the new iPad. Think about it again. You may have a lot reasons why you should buy iPad. But as consumer, you should ask yourself, should I buy the new iPad? Should I grab iPad 2 or the new iPad? Here I find for you 5 top reasons not to buy the new iPad. Check it out this video from CNET.

New screen iPad lowering battery life and overheating?

The Retina screen on iPad is the highest-resolution screen ever on a tablet or notebook – but experts worry that Apple might have bitten off more than its engineers can chew. Users are complaining at Apple forums that the device not only overheats, but also has shorter battery life and painful long charging times. DisplayMate, a video diagnostics specialist says that the Retina screen specifically the LED backlight that lights it up draws nearly three times the powers of its predecessor. [Read more...]