The making of The Pirates-tooks 5 years to complete

The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists! is the brand new animated film from the national treasure that is Bristol’s Aardman studios – the folks responsible for Chicken Run and, most famously, Wallace & Gromit.

However, the production of this film tooks 5 years to complete. With every foot-high puppet repositioned up to 24 times per second of film to create the illusion of seamless movement, making the 88-minute movie was a hugely labour-intensive process.

It took 525 people – including 33 animators – five years to put together, a patience-stretching process that yielded a mere four seconds of screen action per week.

‘That works out at between 800 and 1,000 man years,’ says Matt Perry, art director.

‘So if he started somewhere between 1066 and the 12th century, one man alone might have made this film.’ [Read more...]