Sony Xperia miro dan Xperia tipo dual bakal berada di pasaran Malaysia

Hanset Sony memang terbaik mengikut pengalaman aku dari segi kamera dan kualiti dia. Baru-baru ni, Sony Mobile telah mengumumkan bahawa hanset untuk golongan permulaan(entry level..betul ke terjemahan ni..haha), Xperia miro dan Xperia tipo(dah macam ‘tipah tertipu’ lak) akan dilancarkan di Malaysia tidak lama lagi.

Harga dia memang menarik!Hanya RM699 untuk Xperia miro manakala Xperia tipo dalam RM559. Dah nama pun entry level, spesifikasi dia pun tak ada la gempak sangat tapi masih lagi boleh nak main games santai. 800MHz single core Qualcomm processor and 512MB of RAM.Resolusi skrin 480×320 dengan saiz 3.5 inci untuk miro, 3.2 inci untuk tipo.

Jap, ada lagi. Ada dua benda lagi yang menarik perhatian aku, kamera 5MP dan menggunakan Android 4.0 ICS! Yes,adakah ini hanset yang anda cari-cari? Malangnya hanset ini belum ada lagi di pasaran Malaysia sebaliknya ada di pasaran gelap(gurau). Hahaha. Saingan bagi hanset ini adalah Samsung Galaxy Y. Kalau rasa nak jimat duit, smartphone entry level pun ok gak. Memang menarik!

Knocked-off Galaxy Note revealed

Samsung Galaxy Note very popular gadget as big smartphone with stylus pen. In December 2011, Samsung announced that one million Galaxy Notes were shipped in less than two months. But beware of knocked-off Galaxy Note. I found the information about that in a website. The knockoff Samsung Galaxy Note is almost similar as the original one, features a 5-inch touchscreen but having lower resolution (800×480).

The gadget equipped a 1GHz MTK6575 single-core processor and 512MB RAM and has a 5.0 rear-facing camera equipped on a 9.7mm thin body. Its thickness is exactly the same as Samsung Galaxy Note. It also have pen stylus.

I writing this issue just afraid it going to sell internationally. Currently,  the gadget was sold in Taobao, a Chinese language web site for online shopping, similar to eBay and Amazon, operated in the People’s Republic of China by Alibaba Group. It wouldn’t be called as the knockoff Galaxy Note if it doesn’t not brand as Samsung. The knock-off Galaxy Note also have packaging looks very similar to Samsung’s one, however there’s a slightly difference.

Summary Comparison Table

Galaxy Note Knocked off Galaxy Note
Processor 1 GHz dual-core 1GB RAM 1 Ghz single-core 512 MB RAM
Display 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED 1280 x 800 pixels 5.3-inch 800 x 480 pixels
Thin 9.7mm thin body 9.7mm thin body
Camera 8 MP auto-focus,front 2 MP 8 MP auto-focus,front 1.3 MP
OS Android 2.3 (can upgrade to Android 4 ICS) Android 4 ICS
Pen Stylus?  Yes  Yes

 What the different physical Galaxy Note and knocked-off one? Here I show you the slightly difference between Galaxy Note and the knocked-off physical body.


So, after you buy at store or online the Galaxy Note, open the gadget and find about phone like this picture below.


Galaxy Note AT&T version


How to select a smartphone based on interest

Smartphone helping people in many way. Helping in running business, listening music,taking photo,browsing web,watching movie or just for call. Many smartphone models to choose but deciding which fit for you isn’t difficult job. Here we categorized the smartphone based on reviews and feedback from customer.

Easy to use
iPhone 4S – Even though a lot rival of iPhone out there, iPhone 4S still dominates and win the customer’s heart. Coming with A5 processor and 8 Megapixel camera, iPhone 4S is suitable for beginner to smartphone. The user interface is simple and user friendly.

With 4S, it’s Siri personal assistant software really help and guide users using smartphone in smart way. It enable you to use your own voice to accurately record new events such as appointment or birthday reminders and it makes for searching information faster.

Act like tablet
If you are looking for tablet but act like phone, Samsung Galaxy Note is suits for you. The screen is certainly titanic at 5.3 inches with a 800 x 1280, you can do a lot of thing inside such as surfing internet, reading and watching videos.

There’s also a superb 8-megapixel camera with a LED flash that give s advantages when snapping in low light. We can add external memory until 32GB using microSD card. Beside, it has 2 megapixel front camera for video calling or skype.

One of special of Galaxy Note is stylus pen which allow users sketching and drawing on the big screen. This pen also used in writing memo using S Memo application and take screenshot. [Read more...]