Pirate Bay founder arrested in Cambodia


A co-founder of popular file sharing website The Pirate Bay was arrested in Cambodia at the request of Sweden, where he faces a one-year prison term for violating copyright laws, authorities said Monday.

Cambodian authorities arrested Gottfrid Svartholm Warg on Thursday at a home he had rented in the capital, Phnom Penh, said national police spokesman Kirth Chantharith.

“He is being detained in Cambodia and we are waiting to expel him,” Kirth Chantharith said. Cambodia has no extradition treaty with Sweden but has requested details of Svartholm Warg’s crime in order to process his handover, he said, adding that Cambodia would act as quickly as possible.

Svartholm Warg and the site’s three other founders were convicted in 2009 by a Swedish court of assisting copyright infringement by helping millions of the site’s users to illegally download music, movies and computer games. All were sentenced to one year in prison and ordered to pay 30 million kronor ($3.6 million) to entertainment companies, including Warner Bros., Sony Music Entertainment, EMI and Columbia Pictures.

Source;yahoo news

Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion in 30 Trucks full of 5 Cent Coins is a Hoax

Today the Internet is abound with the news of Samsung sending 30 trucks loaded with coins of 5 cents to the Apple’s headquarters in California. The news is a hoax.

According to the news which was published in PaperBlog, supposedly, “Samsung tried to pay Apple its $1bn fine by sending more than 30 trucks to Apple’s headquarters loaded with 5-cent coins. Apple security was stunned. Apple chief executive Tim Cook, then got a call from Samsung who told him this was how they were paying the billion-dollar fine.” According to the report, the idea originated from a meme of the popular website 9Gag.com

It is to be noted that the jury did not specify a single payment method, and, so Samsung is entitled to send money in any form as they deem best, to the Mac producers.

iPad mini will look more like iPhone than iPad: reports

Apple’s rumored iPad mini with a 7.85-inch screen will look more like an iPhone than its larger-sized sibling iPad, according to various reports.

Among them, website 9to5 Mac says that of the “number of tips” it has received from sources over the last few weeks is that the iPad mini “will ‘look like a big iPod touch’ with smaller bezels along the sides in portrait mode and separate volume buttons and not a ‘rocker’ and a mic on the back.”

The iPad has a 9.7-inch display, and it’s 9.5 inches high by 7.31 inches wide. The iPhone 4S has a 3.5-inch screen, and is 4.5 inches high and 2.31 inches wide. It makes sense, on the face of it, that a smaller iPad would be somewhere inbetween the two popular Apple devices. 9to5 Mac also shares “various Pad mini images and mockups we have obtained to date.”

The next-generation iPhone is expected to be announced Sept. 12 by Apple; many think that the mini iPad will also be unveiled that day as well.

John Gruber, whose Daring Fireball blog rarely misses the mark when it comes to all things Apple, writes that he’s not so sure that the mini will be more like a big iPhone.

Apple product designs are true to themselves. Each thing has proportions suited to its own nature. Consider how the iPad doesn’t look like a blown up iPhone. They share a few similar design elements — a family resemblance, if you will — but the proportions are different. The iPad has a thick bezel surrounding all four sides of the display; the iPhone does not. Why? Because you need a place to rest your thumbs while holding an iPad.

Now, I expect the iPad Mini will bear more resemblance to a full-size iPad than it will to an iPhone or iPod Touch. For one thing, it’s closer in size to the iPad-as-we-know it, and for another, all credible reports (along with several of my own little birdies) point to the smaller iPad keeping the 4:3 display aspect ratio.

Still, he writes, “But if you shrink the device enough, and reduce the weight enough, would such a device still need a bezel surrounding the display of the same proportions as the iPad-as-we-know-it? Maybe not.”


Apple is expected to release iPhone 5 in sometime in September

The Apple rumor comes again. This time, the word on the Internet street is that Apple is going to release the iPhone 5 sometime in September.

Previous reports said the new phone would debut sometime in the fall, most likely in September or October.

The date Sept. 21 has been floated in several blogs and news sites, based on a report that surfaced on the French blog App4Phone, but we haven’t seen that anywhere else, so we don’t suggest you count on it.

However, rumors that Apple will release the phone in September, rather than October, may have more legs. On Tuesday, the Guardian reported that mobile phone companies expect the new iPhone to be released in mid-September. And MacRumors notes that KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo — who has a history of being right on these matters — is predicting the phone will come out closer to the beginning of the month.

Apple did not respond to a request by The Times for a confirmation or denial of the rumored iPhone release date, but the company has told other news sources that it does not comment on rumors and speculation.

And in the end, that is definitely what this is — rumors and speculation.

So why are we reporting it? Because rumors can be powerful.

On Tuesday, Apple disappointed investors by missing its profit and revenue expectations, leading to its shares falling 5%.

The company said it sold 26 million iPhones in the quarter that ended in June, down from 35.1 million in the previous quarter. Industry watchers expected a drop, just not one that large.

In a call with analysts Apple CEO Tim Cook waved away the drop, saying the iPhone’s declines were “seasonal” and normal after a large product launch, the Wall Street Journal reports.

But Peter Oppenheimer, the company’s chief financial officer, conceded, “Our weekly iPhone sales continue to be impacted by rumors and speculation regarding new products.”


Microsoft unveils the next version of Microsoft Office tablet friendly

Microsoft today unveiled the latest version of its Office software, the first ever designed specifically with tablet computers and Internet-based storage in mind. The new programs in Office 2013, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, and is releasing a customer preview for users to try out.

“This is the most ambitious release of Microsoft Office we have ever done,” Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, said at an event in San Francisco today. [Read more...]