How losers really use Google Glass

Google Glass really cool idea because it is known as wearable computing which is new generation of gadgets after mobile computing. It’s futuristic augmented reality headset. While Google talked about the benefits,I found a comic that showed how the users really use the Google Glass in daily life.


Pinterest Google Graveyard, where the failed Google products kept in memories

Google has a lot of products and services but not all are success. Just this week, Google has announced a few of its products will be close such as Google video, Google Mini, Google Talk Chatback and iGoogle.

In Google Graveyard, a lot of failed Google products are showed off in collection. Among the products, Google Wave is the coolest idea but the technology is too advance and different kind of communication. Futhermore, Google Wave still not open to public that time, so many people don’t know about the existing of Wave. [Read more...]

Google rolled out new tablet Nexus 7 with new Android

New Google product, Nexus 7 is 7 inch tablet with new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the new challenger in the tablet market. With very cheap price US$159 and US$199, I think it gonna beat another 7 inch tablet like 1Malaysia tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 and the rest if converting the price into Ringgit Malaysia, the price range around RM600 plus, below than normal price of tablet.

I believe with low price tablet by Google Nexus 7, it’s going to be trend next couple of months where all tablets price will going down and affordable to the consumers. Currently, the tablets price are slightly cheaper than laptop. So, how about specs of Nexus 7? Is it worth to buy?
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Amazing demo Google’s Project Glasses

If you watched Dragon Ball Z cartoon, you might see Bezita wearing a glass with their head up display when he coming to the Earth to find Goku. Now the glass is one step closer to reality. Google co-founder Sergey Brin was spotted by twitter machine gun Robert Scoble at a dinner wearing a prototype of the Project Glass glasses. The glasses are Google’s foray into the world of heads-up displays and augmented reality.

It called Google Goggles, the glass not yet on sale but a promotional video released by Google and prompted claims they could revolutionise the way we live. In the video shows the Google Maps being added to the glass application, providing real-time directions from our current location. [Read more...]

Apa itu Google Doodles?

Logo Google Doodles hari ni

Apa nampak logo di atas?Itulah yang dinamakan Google Doodles.Ia merupakan custom Google logo untuk menunjukkan peristiwa penting yang terjadi samada melibatkan tokoh,festival atau peristiwa seperti kemerdekaan.Idea ini bermula pada tahun 1998 apabila pengasas Google iaitu Larry dan Sergey bermain dengan logo korporat untuk menunjukkan kehadiran mereka di Festival Burning Man di padang pasir Nevada.Jadi,satu logo telah direka yang dapat memberi mesej kepada pengguna Google yang pengasas Google tidak berada di pejabat.

Doodles yang pertama

Idea ni nampak simple,tapi kini ia mempunyai peminat sendiri malah ada di antaranya membuat koleksi.Sementara itu,Doodles ni dikembangkan di luar US dan custom logo dibuat mengikut peristiwa di negara tersebut.Malah,kepada yang pandai merekabentuk logo,mereka boleh menghantar logo Doodles ke logo anda terpilih?Semua koleksi Doodles ada di sini.