How to download video from Tonton website

Last time, we watch video TV3, TV9 and all media prima from their respective website. We can easily download video from their website. Now they combine all the TV channel into one site call Tonton. However,  we unable to cache their video using any download manger. The tool is able to browse and download video clips from video hosting websites of HTTP, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPTE protocol, and these cover overwhelming majority of websites such as Hulu, Veoh, Boxee, Joost, YouTube, Yahoo Video, CBS. We can use stream transport to stream the video from Tonton. Use this link to download the software. Here step by step to download.

Step 1: Type link website. Then login into the website.

Step 2: Click any interested video.

Step 3: The link of video will automatically show after you click the video.

Step 4: Select link video then click Download button.

Step 5: This windows will pop up once you click Download.

Instagram available for Android now

Instagram just announced that it’s making an Android version of its app available today in the Google Play Store, formerly known as the Android Market. Since its launch in 2010, the app has been an iOS exclusive, and today after years of waiting, it’s finally up public download. The most important things is it is free.

Instagram already have 30 milion registered of iOS user and more than 1 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram. With the addition of Android devices, these numbers are sure to grow. The new Android will work on any “camera phone” with Android 2.2 or later, but it won’t work on any Android tablets.

Instagram is mobile application that transform your photo using gorgeous effects like lomo style and works art. You can simply share the photos with the effects with the click of a single button.

Top 10 download free software sites

There are a lot of software out there. Today we are listing 10 useful software download websites that can let you find and download you want. This sites not only offer free software, but also the paid one. A few websites on the list running technology’s blog. Here we go.

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Ebook Manager macam dalam iPad menggunakan Koolbits

Kalau nak rasa perisian yang cool lagi menarik tertarik kau memang daboom, cubalah Koolbits ni. Memang cool!!Menggunakan perisian Adobe Air sebagai platform, ia merupakan perisian generasi baru yang tidak lagi menggunakan interface windows lama seperti grid table untuk menunjukkan sesuatu senarai (list) sebaliknya menggunakan grafik menyerupai rak buku.

Bila kita Add to library, ebook kita akan disusun menghadap ke depan  macam pameran buku di depan kedai buku tu. Jadi, mudahlah kita mencapainya berdasarkan tajuk depan. Kalau ebook tu takde muka depan, boleh klik icon List Table supaya lebih jelas tajuk buku tu.

Koolbits boleh membuka pelbagai jenis format seperti PDF,EPUB,XML,HTML,KBJ. Selain menjadi pengurus ebook, Koolbits boleh menjadi e-reader yang cool.  Apa yang coolnya, ia menyediakan pen highlighter untuk high light point-point yang penting dan juga terdapat beberapa bentuk stamp untuk tandakan point kita.Macam real!

Koolbits juga menyediakan kedai buku sendiri dan anda boleh shopping buku kat perisian ni (Setakat ni nampak semuanya percuma). Terdapat buku percuma diberikan oleh Koolbits melalui Dropbox dan muat turun sendiri.
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