How to delete saved form data in your browser

Did you face the situation where your form data is saved by browser? Can we remove the saved form data especially after we done browsing on shared computer such as in cybercafe or friend’s computer?

Example of saved form data

Example of saved form data

What if the saved form data is your credit card number and username id? Now you scared right? Haha.OK. Here I show you how to remove the saved form data in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

So far, this method can use both browsers. Here few steps what you need to do:

  1. Navigate browser to the form containing the field that has a saved value that you want to delete.
  1. Click on the text field to that your cursor is in the text field with the value you want to delete.Press the down arrow on your keyboard until the value is highlighted.
  2. Press Shift+Delete together and the value will be removed from the saved form history.

You safe now. Then, if you’re owner of the computer, of course you don’t want somebody stole your credit card number in saved form especially when you and your friends shared the computer. So, what you have to do is setting back your Firefox or Internet Explorer so that your form data will not saved anymore.

Internet Explorer
1.Tools->Internet Options->Content->AutoComplete
2.Click Settings. In this part, uncheck the checkbox ‘Forms’.

Internet Explorer settings to remove saved form data

Internet Explorer settings to remove saved form data

2.In History section, select dropdown list after ‘Firefox will’. The value we select is ‘Use custom settings for history’.
3.Uncheck the ‘Remember search and form’

You are recommended to use private browsing when you are browsing in cybercafe or using friend’s computer. Every browser got this features. The browser will not track you.

Mozilla released Firefox 14 – what’s new

Mozilla has released Firefox 14 for desktop operating systems.

Mozilla’s Firefox web browser has received its six-week update with Firefox 14 automatically encrypting Google searches and supporting the Pointer Lock API. Mozilla has also included support for fullscreen mode in Mac OS X 10.7.

Mozilla said it encrypts Google search data by default, adding that users can now easily verify the identity of a web site by clicking on an icon to the left of the URL. According to Mozilla, the addition of search encryption is particularly handy for those using Firefox on wireless connections.

Firefox 14 support of Pointer Lock will improve mouse control for internet based applications and in particular games, Mozilla said. It cited its own HTML5 Browserquest game as an example of improved performance. With HTML5 expected to become the markup language of choice for web-based games developers, it seems a very good time for Firefox to support it.

Since Mozilla has put Firefox on its six-week rapid release schedule the organisation has come in for vocal criticism, with some people within Mozilla’s developer community questioning whether the move has resulted in users flocking to Chrome. Although Mozilla has produced an extended support release of Firefox, the problems Mozilla has had getting users to download and install the standard version suggest that only the most informed users will move to the long-term release.


  • Google searches now utilize HTTPS
  • Full screen support for Mac OS X Lion implemented
  • Plugins can now be configured to only load on click (requires an about:config change)
  • The Awesome Bar now auto-completes typed URLs



  • Improved site identity manager, to prevent spoofing of an SSL connection with favicons

Here summary of Firefox 14


Source:The Inquirer

Workshop:Bagaimana nak samakan Firefox setting dengan komputer lain

Situasinya begini. Katakan saya ada komputer PC dan juga komputer riba. Saya selalu guna kedua-dua komputer ni. Saya juga ada iPhone. Sebagai seorang pengguna internet, sudah semestinya saya ada masukkan bookmark pada mana-mana laman web di PC saya. Jadi, dekat komputer riba, saya juga mahu bookmark yang sama di PC. Juga sama di iPhone.

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5 adds-on Mozilla Firefox yang berguna

Video Helper

Cara mudah untuk muat turun dan convert video web daripada laman video seperti Youtube. Juga sesuai untuk audio dan galeri gambar.

Bertujuan untuk preview link dan imej tanpa meninggalkan tab atau laman yang sedang anda lawati.

Menghalang iklan-iklan yang tidak diundang. Biasanya iklan ni akan dipaparkan jika kita layari laman yang tak terkenal.

ViewMarks adalah cara lain untuk menguruskan bookmark kita. Bila kita cipta bookmark,imej preview akan disimpan secara automatik. Jadi, bookmark kita akan lebih visual daripada biasa.

Integrated Gmail
Gmail + Google Calendar + Google Reader + … + Gmail Labs = Integrated Gmail: Semuanya disimpan dalam satu tempat.

Workshop: Menukar theme Firefox

Firefox merupakan browser Internet yang kedua popular selepas Internet Explorer. Bermacam-macam features yang diperkenalkan bagi setiap versi. Kali ni, aku akan tunjukkan macam mana nak tukar theme atau tema Firefox supaya ia kelihatan seperti browser Mac OS X.
Step 1
Taipkan pada address ni atau boleh klik pada link. Anda akan lihat page seperti di bawah.

Step 2
Klik Mac OSX Theme.
Step 3
Klik Add To Firefox
Step 4
Pop up software installation akan keluar. Klik pada button Install.
Step 5
Selepas itu, klik Restart Firefox untuk mendapatkan perubahan tema Firefox.
Step 6
Inilah hasilnya! Anda juga boleh cuba untuk theme yang lain .Selamat mencuba!