How to share photos and videos privately on Facebook

I prefer to share family photo with family members only. When my wife, my son and daughter go back to their hometown, I really miss them as I am far from them now. So, I ask my wife to take pictures of my son and daughter everyday and post them on Facebook. But the problem is I don’t want everyone in friends list see the photos except me or my wife’s siblings. So, I figured out the trick here.

Step 1:
Click on Friends in your left sidebar of Facebook site.

Step 2:
You will find Create List button. Here, we going to create a list who can see the photos and who I want to share the photos. After click Create List button, one pop-up windows come out and fill in List Name, can be any name list. Then put members’s name who can see the photos later.

Then click Create. The new names can be added later if you are miss out any members.

Step 3:
In your timeline Facebook, click Photos section.

Step 4:
You may find a few albums in your Facebook. So, if you have one album, let try on any album first.In the album, there is Edit button on the right top corner of the album. Click on Edit.


Step 5:
In my example, I’m select Abdul Hanan family list because I want only the members in the list can see the photos. You can select only one list at one time.


Now I can share the photos to the selected friends in Facebook and hide from others. All the best!







All about Hide in Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timelines have features where we can hide several information from public, friends and also yourself. If you don’t want everyone see your information in facebook, such as friends,likes pages, post then you can customize your timeline.

Hide your favorites from Timeline


Hide your LIKES pages

Hide your subscriptions

Hide your LIKES pages more specific



We also can limit old posts by updating Privacy Setting-> Limit Audience for past posts. This feature will limit your posts in Timeline for your friends only.

We also can custom privacy if you don’t want someone like your office boss or teachers or parent see our posts by adding their name in column Hide this From.

Hide your friends list from others.

Also hide your Friends Added recently.

We also can hide our current or past posts.

We also can hide our birthday date. We can make it visible only day and month or hide birthday date by selecting ‘Dont show my birthday in timeline’.

Last but not least, if you don’t like someone feed, you hide them from news feed.