iPad 2 price drop, new iPad coming to Malaysia

It is long wait for new iPad in Malaysia. Somebody willing to go to Singapore as the country is the one of earliest country receive this hot gadget. Apple has announced 20th April 2012 (tomorrow) as the official availability for Malaysia and other 11 countries including South Korea and Brunei.

The good news is iPad 2 with Wifi has drop it price to RM1,199 for 16GB, RM1,499 for 32GB, RM1,799 for 64GB. iPad 2 with Wifi and #G are 16GB-RM1,599, 32GB-RM1,899, 64GB-RM2,199. You can find out the price of iPad 2 when launching in Malaysia last year here. Find out new price in Apple store.

So, we guess the price of new iPad are same as iPad 2 last year, from the current RM1,499 starting price for the 16GB WiFi version. However, for the 4G + WiFi version, although it isn’t fully supported in Malaysia, we believe it will still make an entrance considering it supports 3G and HSPA+ speeds up to 42Mbps. [Read more...]

7 questions about the new iPad

The new iPad, launched amid the usual hype in early March, has amazing screen and great camera. Here we tells you everything you need to know about it.

What’s new in this version?
The new iPad now uses the Retina display which you may seen in the iPhone 4S, boasting an incredible 3.1 million pixels (2048×1536), four times as many as the iPad 2. The sharper resolution making video and photos look truly amazing.

The rear has been significantly improved. It uses 5 megapixel camera compared to iPad 2′s 1-megapixel camera and also records HD video in full 1080p.

There’s also a fast new processor, the A5X chip, which uses quad-core graphics. [Read more...]

Differences between iPad 2 and new iPad

Do you know why Apple called new tablet iPad as resolutionary? Because the big difference between iPad 2 and new iPad is resolution. It’s really sharp and four times more pixels than iPad 2. Apple apply Retina display (name of display technology by Apple) after iPhone 4S got it last year.

New chip A5X embedded to make sure user can experience smoothness and responsive of new iPad. Even though using A5X Quad Core, Apple claimed iPad still can life with battery 10 hours. [Read more...]