Innovation Synchronized Robots Dance to ‘Thriller’

The NAO robots, built by Aldebaran Robotics and programmed by MIT’s Patrick Bechon and Jean-Jacques Slotine, utilize a process called quorum sensing to synchronize themselves. In nature, quorum sensing is when bacteria emit molecules into the environment so individuals can keep track of how many organisms are around them and what they’re doing.

That’s interesting because while synchrony allows large numbers of robots to do the same thing at the same time–such as dancing or marching–it also allows large number so robots to do different but related tasks at the same time.

In other words, synchrony is an enabling technology for large scale co-operation. And that opens the way to an entirely new set of tasks that robots could do–think manufacturing and construction. Perhaps even nest building.

Robot construction sites built into robot factories, which will assemble robot man-birds, who will learn to build nests to hatch robo-chicks. The end is nigh, my fellow humans. Enjoy the dance performances while they last.


Robot ochobot become reality

Do you watch cartoon Boboiboy? One of the character is Ochobot, the robot that give power to Boboiboy and friends. Ochobot is sphere robot like ball and can fly like insect. Now advanced technology make the robot one step closer to reality. But this robot cannot fly, but it can move like spider and roll. This is really cool!

The robot called as MorpHex, was created by Kåre Halvorsen with six retractable, expanding legs that let it dance when it’s not rolling. Last time in December (the post already gone), the robot couldn’t roll. In addition, the MorpHex can also pull its legs in to turn into a sphere, and the individual sections of the robot can then be used to push it in a given direction.

The rolling isn’t perfect, and Halvorsen says it’s because right now the sphere is asymmetrical, as the upper and lower halves aren’t identical. The next iteration will include a symmetrical design that should allow the MorpHex to roll easily in any direction.


This is real Transformer- it become reality

Robot designed and built by Kenji Ishida and JS Robotics. Video was originally uploaded to Nico Nico Douga. This is a small car that automatically turns into a genuine working robot, it can walk and move like other robot. It uses 22 servo motors in all, and is apparently the eighth attempt to build a credible Sideswipe equivalent. The last video show upcoming version 9 robot.



Nintendo Game Boy & Tetris Transformers made from Lego

Game Boy and The Transformers — all significant to my childhood geekdom. These lego was created by Julius von Brunk, named as Domaster, an amalgamation of “Dot Matrix with Stereo Sound”, the blurb written above the screens of old Game Boys. Brunk says on his website that it took about a month to engineer the Domaster. Click more for more cool lego pictures. [Read more...]

Robot berasaskan telefon pintar iPhone

Dua orang pengusaha yang menggelarkan diri mereka sebagai Romotive,Peter Seid dan Phu Nguyen sedang mencipta robot kecil dan comel yang menggunakan telefon pintar sebagai otak robot. Ia dilengkapi dengan tayar ala-ala kereta kebal. Selain tu, ada litar analog yang akan mengawal robot menggunakan frekuensi. Juga mempunyai kabel pengecas dan bateri boleh cas semula.

Robot yang digelar Romo ni mempunyai beberapa aplikasi yang berbeza dan sedang dalam pembangunan. Projek ni mendapat dana melalui kempen yang mereka jalankan di internet. Sasaran dana ialah $32,000 tapi kini dikatakan sudah mengumpul lebih $45,000 melalui sumbangan orang. Sumbangan adalah sekurang-kurang $78 atau lebih. Penyumbang akan dapat robot tersebut lengkap dipasang. Walau bagaimanapun ia tidak termasuk iPhone.