Facebook Rolling Out ‘Want’ Feature For Photos, Hopes To Capture Internet Purchases

If you have “liked” an item on the internet up until this point you could share it with your friends just like you would posts, likes, photos and comments, but the “transaction” so to speak ended there. That all changed on Monday when the company began rolling out ‘collect’ and ‘want’ options for photos.

Fans of a product can now list products they want and even buy products that are within a collection they find on a friends account.Facebook is not attempting to become an online retailer, instead it will send customers directly to the online stores e-commerce page.


Cool desktop all-in-one HP Spectre One

TheNextWeb site called it as iMac version HP. The HP Spectre One is HP’s new premium all-in-one desktop, with a unique, attractive design that evokes the aluminum unibody designs that are en vogue these days. The Spectre One is centered around a 23.6-inch widescreen with seamless glass. The system’s PC components are built into a curving base, allowing HP to make the screen itself 11.5mm (0.45-inch) thick.

The Spectre One features an aluminum construction, Intel Ivy Bridge processor,1GB Nvidia Graphics, a wireless keyboard with matching trackpad, Beats Audio, two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI-in port, and most interestingly, NFC support. The Spectre One also includes a packed-in wireless mouse for those users who prefer one. That said, the trackpad and 10-finger touch screen are optimized for the Windows 8 user interface.

The Spectre One is equipped with NFC technology, where you can program the computer to perform specific actions when that NFC tag makes contact. Users will be able to log into Windows 8 with a simple tap of their NFC-capable smartphone and easily sync and stream files between their handset and desktop.

However, the Spectre One lacking features like an optical drive and even a touch screen despite being billed as a Windows 8 desktop.

Cool concept– Hybrid Camper Car Plus Caravan Combo

Campervans are great for the wide-open road, but what happens when you reach your destination and want to travel in something a bit less clunky? This variant concept RV comes with a detachable car to let you cruise city streets once you exit the high-speed freeway.

This design challenge was tackled by Christian Susana with great attention to detail, from how each portable portion (car and camper form) looks separately to how they appear as whole when plugged back together.

The tiny two-seat car part is definitely built for short trips, looking like a cross between a golf cart and a Mini Cooper.

The larger back-end trailer takes its cues from classic VW-type campers, maximizing space with a lofted sleeping area, flip-down table-and-chairs set as well as compact storage solutions set into any remaining available areas. Curved lines also recall traditional Airstream trailers, which make maximum use of sleek streamlined exterior forms and more spacious-seeming inside spaces.

Expansive side windows depart from the classic privacy-oriented caravan style, abstractly referencing tourers in their openness to the outside world. Likewise, a front window long the top lets daring passengers get a sneak peak of what lies ahead … or an unfortunate up-close pavement view if you slide open the back door while someone is driving (safety second!).


Dresses inspired by popular internet brand

Do you remember last time I posted social media outfits? Using similar concept, Italian digital artist Victor Faretina has been inspired by popular websites in his latest series of works entitled Web in Vogue. Faretina has successfully broken down each website and domain’s function in order to reassemble its elements and the principles of its design in a way that translates the websites into fashion.

The use of popular logos, icons and colours makes it easy to identify each gown, but just for fun we’ve included the titles. All the dresses were designed using Adobe Photoshop CS3 software on his MAC OS X system. Faretina has intentions of bringing his imagined dresses into fruition, but for now, they will only appear on the very browsers that inspired them – a shame, but at least there’s something to look forward to! Similar issue-why this guy design the outfits for women only? Bad news for men again.Arghh..Why not we design baju Raya using this idea?Ahha!Good idea!

Find out more pictures in here.


Eat your cup after drink coffee

Edible coffee and tea cups designed by Sardi for Italian company Lavazza.

The inside of each cookie cup is coated with sugar icing that acts as an insulator. It makes the cup waterproof and sweetens the beverage.

First you drink the coffee and then you eat… the cup!

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