12 delicious good looking home-packed meal

Sometimes, parent need to be creative when packing meal for their kids in school day. Your kids not only want a tasty meal but also looks delicious. What your kids feel if when they open the meal box and see something that they like such as Starwars, or other cartoon or games characters such as Nintendo? They will happy a whole day. You can do this for your kids to show them you are the coolest mum in the world.


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Cool PM- Lend a hand park his nanny’s car

This is what we call a leader serve for people. David Cameron, PM Britain jog in the morning with his bodyguard. Later, he find out his nanny, Gita Lama at No 10 Downing Street failed to park her car.

Honda Jazz car, was bought only last month, Miss Lama having problem to park in that area, but PM appeared right on cue to lend his children’s nanny a hand. This is cool and good example. He then returned to his day job running the country as usual. Click more to see more photos. [Read more...]