8 Cool Origami Made With Dollar Bills

Honolulu, Hawaii based artist Won Park creates these incredible origami pieces using just a dollar bill. Usual origami sheets are square, but the dollar bills of course are rectangular and may not generally be considered as suitable for origami. Park worked around that, and infact used it to his advantage in creating these wonderful pieces without the use of glue, cuts or tape.


How to create starwars origami figure by Martin Hunt

It has been so long i’m not create post for cool information. The Verge showed me a origami website which has a lot of collectible Star Wars figures blueprint.

Martin Hunt, the website owner, was studying math and working as software engineer has design origami Star Wars vessel. Start with X-wing starship origami, he moved on to other ships and droids. He has 20 collection in his website. He is now seeking a publisher for a book. The design looks like complicated. Hmmm..

Amazing ultra-luxury mansion owned by Versace lists for $125M

Are you using handbag brand Versace? Who is Versace actually? Gianni Versace is Italian fashion designer and founded the company on 1978. He was killed by Andrew Cunanan on 1997. After the tragic shooting, his mansion knowned as Casa Casuarina was sold to an entrepreneur named Peter Loftin. Less than a week ago, Loftin listed the storied estate for sale for $125 million!

The mansion Originally built in 1930 by architect, philanthropist, author and political reformer, Alden Freeman, this 19,000-square-foot property was designed to pay homage to the oldest existing house in the western hemisphere, the “Alcazar de Colon” in Santo Domingo. In 1937, after Freeman’s death, Casa Casuarina was bought by Jacques Amsterdam, who renamed it, “The Amsterdam Palace.”

In 1992, couturier Gianni Versace purchased the property and invested $33 million on expansions including the south wing, and the pool and garden area, along with incorporating his artistic vision. Casa Casuarina is 19,000 square feet including 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and a 54-foot long mosaic pool which is lined in 24-karat gold. Let take a look around and inside the house.

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12 delicious good looking home-packed meal

Sometimes, parent need to be creative when packing meal for their kids in school day. Your kids not only want a tasty meal but also looks delicious. What your kids feel if when they open the meal box and see something that they like such as Starwars, or other cartoon or games characters such as Nintendo? They will happy a whole day. You can do this for your kids to show them you are the coolest mum in the world.


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Cool arts cutaways Titanic from Ken Marschall

Ken Marschall is globally recognized as the world’s leading Titanic artist. Having first been commissioned to paint the legendary liner at the age of 18, in the last three decades he has meticulously portrayed this most famous of ships over one hundred times, along the way amassing one of the largest and most complete archives of Titanic and related reference photographs anywhere.

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