Firefox 15 is available to download now

Mozilla officially launched Firefox 15 final, but, for the time being, the upgrade is not available for all the users. The Firefox 15 update comes with new features and several optimizations that are improving the overall performance of the popular web browser.

The new version of the Firefox web browser was made available for download about two months since the previous version, Firefox 15. The Firefox 15 launch will be followed by new updates for Firefox Beta and Firefox Aurora, on August 30th and August 31st, respectively.

The new Firefox 15 promises to better manage the RAM consumption of the add-on components. It seems that Mozilla is trying its best to make to users forget abut their web browser’s bad image regarding the resource management. The WebGL was also improved, receiving support for compressed textures, for improved performance for the in-browser games.

As about the new features introduced in Firefox 15, there’s native support for PDF documents visualization and SPDY v3 network protocol, for faster internet access.

 The web developers will receive a new JavaScript debugger integrated with the developer tools suite, layout view mode in Page Inspector, a feature for fast switch between desktop and mobile page version, next to some other less visible improvements.

The new Firefox 15 also brings a new system for Firefox updates installs, meant to shorten the time required to apply the update packages, as well as optimizations that are improving the reaction times of the Search feature.

If you are planning to download Firefox 15, you can go ahead and install the latest version from the web browser’s official page.

Chrome hacked in minutes

Google Chrome browser was hacked twice in security competitions at CanSecWest hacking conference in Vancouver- with one successful attack taking only five minutes. The hack was conducted by researchers from French security firm Vupen, who broke Chrome’s sandbox, a system that checks the legitimacy of web code to stop malware damaging the browser.

At the same conference, a Russian researcher revealed another flaw in the sandbox by showing how malicious code could be installed on a user’s PC just by visiting a website.

While the hacks may seem like bad news, it’s actually good for Chrome users, because these hacking contests are held so that reseachers can find security flaws before criminals do. Google immediately fixed the flaws, so you shouldn’t worry. Even though the exceptionally secure but some risk always remain. It is good reminder to be careful online.