Why tablet is useful and worth to buy

We live with wide array of electronic devices everyday. Tablets, is new kind of electronic devices and it is difficult to compared with computer PC or laptop because it fall into different category.

So, should I buy tablet or not? Is it useful enough for me if I have one?

Quick start-up boot
You don’t have to shutdown or power off the tablet PC all the time. This is one of the great advantages of this gadget. You can just hibernate it if not in use and turn on back when required. You can easily to check email or searching anything in the internet using tablet compared to computer PC or laptop. Tablet screen is large enough for user to browse website compared to smart phone.

Great e-readers
The rising of eBooks in the digital market make the tablet very useful as an e-reader. It’s save your money to print out on the papers and can become great environment friendly.

Portable device
Even though we have netbook, it can’t be compared with tablet PC because netbook quite slow when boot Windows and application. It’s nice to be able to view an entire Web page as opposed to the mobile site or an oddly rendered version on a smartphone’s much smaller screen.

Easy to watch movie, music and sharing photos
Now, we can easily watch video in car or sharing photos with other people using tablet PC. We don’t need a DVD player to install in the car. The quality of video is same as watching in computer.We also don’t need a frame photo or photo album, just buy a accessories to make your tablet like a photo frame.

Gaming device
The latest edition of tablet PC can play high definition of games without any problem. The new iPad and Nexus 7 is great choice for users who like playing games. Using tablet as gaming device is more practical and the games apps for tablet are much cheaper compared to console games or portable gaming device like PSP or Nintendo 3ds.

Great battery life
This is great thing about tablet PC. I have experience using tablet PC. The tablet can go almost full day after charge. Using laptop, it can go only 3 hours or less depends on what applications are you opened.

Tablets might be the future of portable computing, but we interact with them in a profoundly different way than with smartphones or laptops. Tablets are ideal for web-surfing, watching films and TV shows, doing some light e-mail, reading magazines and newspapers. They’re fit for consuming. Tablets may change the way we interact with the web and other media but it still cannot replace the PC as primary computer.

Microsoft unveiled owned brand tablet rival to iPad

Microsoft launched its first commercial device that Microsoft has directly designed and sold named as Microsoft Surface. This is mean, Microsoft officially entered the tablet competition with Apple. Previously, Microsoft popular device are mouse, keyboard, music player and games console, XBox.

Microsoft Surface tablet have standard features like other tablet specs, a 10.6 inch high definition touchscreen and front and back camera. It’s 9.3mm thin, has full size USB 2.0 ports, a massive kickstand and weighs only 1.5 lbs. The casing made out of magnesium and screen is covered with Gorilla Glass 2.

What I was look at the new tablet Microsoft is the Surface has bring new innovation of tablet. For example, the device’s cover flips down to become a full keyboard. This cover looks copy Apple’s smartcover too. Surface give a kickstand at the backside to make it the tablet stand. It is not just a tablet. Of course, Microsoft Surface coming with their upcoming operating system, Windows 8 tablet version called Windows RT. That operating system will run on microchips designed by ARM.

Microsoft haven’t yet give specifics memory details but the company said the Windows RT version will be available sometime this fall in 32- and 64-gigabyte versions and will be priced “competitively” to other tablets on the market. Apple’s most basic version of the iPad retails for $499.

This coming Microsoft Surface will give another alternative tablet in the future.

Apple fans are willing to be stupid to line up and camp out just to get the iPad

UK (credit Getty Images)

Just want to share the stupid Apple’s fans pictures who battled plummeting temperatures and hours of waiting in line outside Apple’s flagship store around the world (across the United States and the nine other countries)  just to get the new iPad. They were willing to camp outside the store just to become earlier buyer of the iPad. It is not limited edition. You can have it all the time. Actually we don’t have to line up, you can buy it online. But ‘The Apple lines have become a cultural phenomenon,’ social psychologist Matt Wallaert said. ‘You couldn’t advertise your way into the images of adoring fans that led to Beatlemania. Apple has achieved exactly that.’, according to source DailyMail.

Sydney (credit Getty Images)

Germany (credit AP)

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Differences between iPad 2 and new iPad

Do you know why Apple called new tablet iPad as resolutionary? Because the big difference between iPad 2 and new iPad is resolution. It’s really sharp and four times more pixels than iPad 2. Apple apply Retina display (name of display technology by Apple) after iPhone 4S got it last year.

New chip A5X embedded to make sure user can experience smoothness and responsive of new iPad. Even though using A5X Quad Core, Apple claimed iPad still can life with battery 10 hours. [Read more...]

Incoming iPad 3 has no home button?

The picture above is Apple invitation to the event where the iPad 3 will be announced. What you can see from the picture above? It means a lot of things. The iPad 3 will be announced on March 7, 2012. No home button is found on the picture. The resolution quite impressive. The iPad 3 screen glass reflect the finger. That’s all. For details analysis, you can go this site.