Steps To Make Money From Android Apps

When you plan to develop the apps for Android, you should have clear plan for it. Here I have infographic which show us 5 ways to make money from Android apps either using in-app ads,pay per download apps,freemium,notifications and paid apps.

Applying strategy during development while trying out different models and applying the best fitting model to your app will ensure a good profit off of your application. Start earning big today with the right model for your application. I believe this model also can be used in iOS apps.

Official Pinterest App now available on Android

Pinterest now ready to mark it’s footstep on Google Play. The app is designed for Android 2.2+ and weighs in at 4.6MB, Pinterest recently did away with the need for invites to join up to the service so you can now just sign up from within the app, or if you already have an account simply login.You can link your twitter or facebook account to find friends who are signed in with those networks already on Pinterest.


Instagram available for Android now

Instagram just announced that it’s making an Android version of its app available today in the Google Play Store, formerly known as the Android Market. Since its launch in 2010, the app has been an iOS exclusive, and today after years of waiting, it’s finally up public download. The most important things is it is free.

Instagram already have 30 milion registered of iOS user and more than 1 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram. With the addition of Android devices, these numbers are sure to grow. The new Android will work on any “camera phone” with Android 2.2 or later, but it won’t work on any Android tablets.

Instagram is mobile application that transform your photo using gorgeous effects like lomo style and works art. You can simply share the photos with the effects with the click of a single button.

Tidak semua smartphone Samsung guna Android

Salam sejahtera.Setelah saya menyelidiki, rupanya tidak semua smartphone Samsung menggunakan OS Android. Sebab semua hanset Samsung sangat cantik dan skrin sangat clear,jadi berhati-hatila.Pastikan jika anda nakkan hanset Android,betul-betul Android.

Terdapat 2 jenis hanset Samsung yang agak popular yang bukan Android iaitu Samsung Wave dan Samsung Omnia. Kedua2 touch screen.Samsung Wave menggunakan bada OS, sejenis OS yang dicipta oleh Samsung manakala Omnia menggunakan Windows Phone. Kalau tengok OS dia sekali pandang macam Android, tapi sebenarnya bukan. 

Jadi sebelum beli tu,tanya tokeh kedai ‘saya nak Android’ atau ‘Ini hanset Android OS ke’ supaya kita tidak rasa tertipu(padahal kita tidak mempunyai pengetahuan). Takut nanti kita kecewa tak boleh nak install Angry Birds versi Android dan aplikasi Android lain yang menarik.Kalau rajin,buat kaji selidik dulu hanset2 yang ada di pasaran,kemudian baru beli.Pasti puas hati!

Aplikasi Facebook vs iPhone vs Android

Facebook, iPhone dan Android merupakan platform yang berpengaruh dekad ini. Perbandingan aplikasi Facebook dengan aplikasi iPhone dan Android dilihat tidak kena disebabkan Facebook juga terdapat pada iPhone dan Android manakala iPhone dan Android merupakan aplikasi bergerak dan berdiri sendiri(independent). Namun,itu semua tidak menghalang kita layan info grafik di bawah ini.

facebook vs iphone vs android apps showdown
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