Sony may offer a slimmer upcoming PS3 this year

More hints emerge for new PS3 since Sony released the first redesign of PlayStation 3, dubbed the PS3 Slim. Now we’re seeing more images that a new, even smaller PS3 might drop before the holidays, presumably ready to disrupt seasonal sales with an even lower price point than ever.

To catch you up on the latest leaks, almost two weeks ago, Sony submitted a round of FCC documents regarding a mysterious new version of the PlayStation 3. Observers found the filing quite confirming, as the model number read above the current PS3 nomenclature (CECH-3000) — the Japanese company dubbed the new one the CECH-4000 series.

The overall design seems to be a hybrid of the original-launch PS3 and the slimmer variant, with the super slim device sporting a long row of ridges at the top. You might also notice that this new PS3 lacks a slot-loading drive, and after careful check of the pictures, it give the ideas discs may load through a sliding door on the top, meaning the left ridge area could double as ventilation. A trio of model numbers also found their way into the filing, listing 16GB, 250GB, and 500GB PS3s. Would Sony play a PS3 with a 16GB (SSD?), or did the document enclose a typo and mean 160GB?


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