Microsoft’s new social networking rival to Facebook and Google+?

Software giant, Microsoft just joined the social networking clubs after successful Facebook and Google+ in social networking. But it is not. Actually, Microsoft are not building the next Facebook and Google+., pronounced ‘social’ intends to use social search for the learning and collaborating. is an experimental research project, developed by Microsoft’s FUSE Labs. It focused on exploring of possibilities of social search for the learning purpose. How it works? website

The site features a search experience powered by Bing. All searches are shared publicly by default. But we can set it as private if we don’t want our searching to be viewed. Looking at website design, resembles Google+ and previous Facebook design.

But most unique feature is the rich post which is like a meta-status update and can include multiple link and images that are assembled together in a visual montage. Rich posts same as status updates, can be commented on and also can be tagged and embedded elsewhere on the web.

credit: website

Another things is ‘video party’. It is a group video-sharing based on site’s search experience. User can start a video party and collect a list of Youtube’s video so that ‘video party’can be viewed with a group of friends.

So, Microsoft just create new learning tools. New way to learn and using benefit of social networking in terms of learning, brainstorming and knowledge sharing. Currently only open for selected schools and universities since it just an ‘experimental research project’.

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