Snag It: More than just screen-capture software

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The new version of TechSmith’s screen-capture software Snagit lets you capture video without any problem. A lot of features you can select on Snagit’s Capture menu. Last time during my last semester at university, Snagit is advanced screen capture. It help me capture scroll screen and resize the screen capture according to our need.

The new version Snagit can edit the picture with basic functionality of editing images and also has more stamps such as speech bubbles, arrows, border images style and so on. TechSmith has made the software easier to use by tweaking small details that make a suprisingly big difference. It load images faster and easy to use.

The programs functionality does not end here though. You can install so called accessories that add functionality to the program. Accessories are available to instantly push screenshots to WordPress, Moveable Type or Type Pad blogs, to Skype, Flickr or Microsoft Office documents to optimize the workflow further.

I found a lot of free screen-capture programs, but none of them can compare with the number of features offered by Snagit. This software help me to write tutorial in this blog. By the way, Snagit is not free software, but worth to buy.

Example image edited by Snagit

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