Secrets To Writing Faster Blog Posts

Keep updating blog everyday is very important for your blog survival. But in this post, the infographic will tell us smart way to blog. This skill actually not so secret, but this ways will help to manage time for other things beside blogging.

1. Assign a time frame and deadline and stick to it.
Every work must have deadline. Set your deadline and how many topics per day.

2. Create a content calendar
Schedule your blog in flexible way. But your topic must be general, not time constraint like news. News topic doesn’t work for this style.

3. Keep a topic list
List you your topics that you want talk about. Mostly, news content doesn’t work in this case.

4. Remove ALL distraction
You must focus what you write. Stop writing while watching movie or television or other thing.

5. Start at the end
This means what your reader will get after read your blog? They will buy your product or walk away.

6. Write don’t edit
Just write your content without thinking about typos or errors. Once you done, then you start checking your content.

7. Keep the flow
When you are in middle of writing, you realize that you need to look up a fact, then you have stop it.Just continue writing.

8. You are story telling
If you are good in story telling, everyone enjoy your post. It is good if you write the post like story telling, fun and a few joke.

Secrets Writing Faster Blog Posts


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