Say goodbye to Hotmail, welcome to

Web-based email, Hotmail will be replaced by new Microsoft web-based email, Outlook, is same brand name as Microsoft’s email application that’s part of the Microsoft Office suite.

This move is part of the company’s ongoing transition from a mostly desktop software to a cloud-based services company. provides a new Metro-style user interface similar to Microsoft Office 2013. is a free mail service that pulls features from Hotmail and Exchange and it is designed for personal/consumer use. is integrated with Windows and Office, and can pull in Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and LinkedIn contacts. inbox

Microsoft is providing new users with 7GB of free cloud storage through SkyDrive. As it has been doing with Hotmail, Microsoft is trying to wean users from sending attachments. Instead, the focus is on saving files, photos and other content to the cloud, with “smart layouts” in e-mail messages showing recipients what they can see via links and/or downloads. inbox with Skype also allow user to Skype without having any Skype application in your desktop. Of course Microsoft will not kill the Hotmail immediately but I believe they are plan to do it slowly. We think Microsoft more aggresive this years after we saw several new products of Microsoft are going to launch this year such as Windows 8, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Surface. Photo Mail

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