Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion in 30 Trucks full of 5 Cent Coins is a Hoax

Today the Internet is abound with the news of Samsung sending 30 trucks loaded with coins of 5 cents to the Apple’s headquarters in California. The news is a hoax.

According to the news which was published in PaperBlog, supposedly, “Samsung tried to pay Apple its $1bn fine by sending more than 30 trucks to Apple’s headquarters loaded with 5-cent coins. Apple security was stunned. Apple chief executive Tim Cook, then got a call from Samsung who told him this was how they were paying the billion-dollar fine.” According to the report, the idea originated from a meme of the popular website

It is to be noted that the jury did not specify a single payment method, and, so Samsung is entitled to send money in any form as they deem best, to the Mac producers.

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