Samsung Galaxy S III price comparison chart according to telco packages

Samsung Galaxy S III become hottest gadget for next coming month. Samsung launching the gadget in the end of May in Malaysia and other countries at right time because most employees get their salary in this week. Three giant telco in Malaysia, Celcom,Maxis and Digi get their right to offer Samsung Galaxy S III  based on their packages.

In the chart below, I categorized monthly commitment as low, medium and high based on their package itself, not based on customer perspective. Example, Celcom lowest package monthly commitment is RM88 and the highest is RM250. Digi Plan is RM48 the lowest and RM88 for highest. While Maxis got only two plan- RM78 monthly and RM98 monthly which I rate as low and medium respectively. The lowest price Galaxy S III is RM999 with 24 months contract offer by Digi and Maxis. However, this is promotion only, so you have grab it early.

All telco provide 12 months and 24 months contract where customer need pay agree to use their service within the contract. If you break the contract before it end, you need to pay certain amount. The lowest monthly commitment is Digi telco -RM48 but you need to careful that the amount is not included call and SMS charge. Unless you just using Galaxy S III for browsing and play internet olny. I believe you won’t do that. Maxis and Celcom offer 18 months contract which Digi not offer. So, this a lot of offer give customer flexibility to choose how long the contract they want. Here comparison table below.

Galaxy S III Price 12 months 18 months 24 months
Monthly commitment Low Medium High Low Medium High Low Medium High
Celcom RM1,778 RM1,748 RM1,568 RM1,718 RM1,678 RM1,398
Maxis RM1,799 RM1,699 RM1,699 RM1,599 RM1,599 *RM999
Digi RM1,799 RM1,699 RM1,649 RM1,649 *RM1,149 *RM999

Why subscribe data plan
This data plan normally subscribed by the customer who like using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and who want like chat via WhatApps and Viber. Of course, Galaxy S III is the smartest gadget right now able to do more than that.

Average price offer Galaxy S III around RM1500 to RM1800 bundled in package. What can I summarize here is if the telco monthly commitment is the highest in their package, you can get Galaxy S III cheaper than other package. But if you don’t like contract, you can have Samsung Galaxy S III with 16GB of storage retails for RM2,199.

Source price:soyacincau

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