Numbers of Kim Dotcom’s luxury cars seized

This week a lot of stories about MegaUpload founder, Kim Dotcom, who born as Kim Schmitz but legally changed his name to Dotcom. He is multimillion-dollar internet businessman that currently charged because of running massive online piracy ring on his ultrapopular file-sharing site

Dotcom, 37 lived lavish life and owned at least 18 luxury cars including pink Cadillac 1959. Several cars carried license plates like ‘STONED’, ‘HACKER’, ‘MAFIA’, ‘V’, ‘KIM COM’, ‘CEO’, ‘POLICE’ and ‘GOD’!

He also bought NZ$30 million estate house in New Zealand which is the most expensive house in the country- which was raided by police. He also owned several website under name of ‘Mega’. Jom layan these photos.

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