Next upcoming game from Rovio-Amazing Alex

Rovio, the creator of most popular mobile games, Angry Birds is set to launch a new game called Amazing Alex this summer. Finnish television station, YLE, reports that the game was rebranding of ‘Casey’s Contraptions’, an iPad game which Rovio bought from developers Noel Llopis and Miguel A.Friginal,  earlier this month.

Rovio CEO Mikael Hed told Finnish TV station Yle that the latest game “has an educational element and centers on the main character Alex, a curious young boy who loves to build things.”

The game revolves around a curious little boy, Alex, who enjoys building Rube Goldberg-esque contraptions. In the game, players can use soccer balls, toy cars, tilting shelves, scissors, magnets, pails and boxing gloves to accomplish a task. It is another physics-based game along the lines of ‘Angry Bird’.

Rovio teased the upcoming release in it’s video highlighting Angry Birds’ 1 billion downloads. Casey’s Contraptions is going to be removed from the App Store, likely in anticipation of a release under the Rovio name. Amazing Alex game may become next popular game after Angry Birds.

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