New screen iPad lowering battery life and overheating?

The Retina screen on iPad is the highest-resolution screen ever on a tablet or notebook – but experts worry that Apple might have bitten off more than its engineers can chew. Users are complaining at Apple forums that the device not only overheats, but also has shorter battery life and painful long charging times. DisplayMate, a video diagnostics specialist says that the Retina screen specifically the LED backlight that lights it up draws nearly three times the powers of its predecessor.

‘The power consumption of the LEDs is 2.5 times that of iPad 2, and the battery is 1.7 times larger – if you run your new iPad at full brightness, the battery run time is less because you only put in 70 percent more battery but you’re using 150 percent more power,’ Raymond Soneira of Displaymate said in an interview with CNET.

Customers have complained that the gadget is ‘too hot to hold’, particularly when playing games, prompting a spokesman for the U.S. watchdog Consumer Reports to announce it was conducting its own ‘scientific analysis with thermal imaging’. It found that the product became ‘significantly hotter’ after playing the popular game Infinity Blade II, with temperatures of 47c recorded on the device’s front and back.


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